J.A. Faust Applied Digital Services and Technologies

Training and Continuing Education

As we move forward in time and become more and more dependent on our computers and devices for business and socialising it becomes even more important to have a basic working knowledge of the technology and the related software.

To help those who wish to increase their comfort level, their confidence and their understanding of the technology. We offer two different kinds of course paradigms. We offer Boilerplate courses which are similar to what you find in the courses that are taught in our public schools and universities. The other are customised courses that we offer are presented on a "need to know base".

Customised courses are ideal for business, who have a specific application that they wish their employees to know and have mastery over. Boilerplate courses, on the other hand, are good for classroom settings. Depending upon your needs we can do on-site training or classroom training. For additional information you can contact us from the contact us page.

Courses offered

  • Micro computers And Software Applications
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • LibreOffice Suite
  • Fundamental HTML5 DIY Website
  • Fundamental CSS2&3
  • Introduction to JavaScript and the DOM
  • Practical PHP programing
  • The elements of a Network
  • Plus more .....